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15 Back Pain Questions to Ask Your Doctor

If you’ve recently been diagnosed with back pain, you should ask your doctor similar questions at your next appointment.

1. What is the root of my back pain?
2. Are there any severe conditions that could be causing my back pain? If so, which ones and what symptoms do they exhibit? Have they been eliminated?
3. What will intensify my back pain? What should I do to stop it from getting worse?
4. Is stress a factor? What can I do to help?
5. What options do I have for treatment?
6. Are there any home remedies or daily activities I can engage in to lessen my back pain?
7. What are the advantages and risks of the recommended surgery?
8. Is medicine required? Are there any other options?
9. If a drug is required, how does it work?
10. How long can I take medicine? What are the negative consequences? Is long-term use dangerous?
11.What impact will my back pain have on me? Can other issues arise?
12. Where can I learn more about dealing with back pain?
13. Which special accommodations, if any, would you suggest for work, home, or school?
14. How frequently must I visit your office?
15. How likely is it that my back pain will leave me permanently disabled?

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