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Restore And Maintain Health With Physiotherapy

When someone is impacted by sickness, injury or handicap, physiotherapy aids in regaining movement and function. Additionally, it may help lower your future risk of disease or damage. It adopts a holistic strategy and actively incorporates the patient in their care. Finding long-lasting relief from pain that may have bothered them for a long time and restricted their movement owing to various conditions is one of the main reasons individuals seek physiotherapy. This is true regardless of whether the discomfort or pain is brought on by an injury, frozen shoulder, incorrect posture, or any other external reason. Physiotherapy not only aids in the management of pain & improves mobility but also recognizes warning signals and prevents them from arising, saving the patient from additional suffering from lost time due to the injury. Philadelphia Hospital has the best physiotherapist in Ambala City.
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Types Of Physiotherapy

Sports Physiotherapy
Geriatric Physiotherapy
Orthopedic Physiotherapy​
Orthopedic Physiotherapy
Pediatric Physiotherapy​
Pediatric Physiotherapy
Neurological Physiotherapy​
Neurological Physiotherapy
Cardiovascular Physiotherapy​
Cardiovascular Physiotherapy

Who Requires Physiotherapy?

The most common reasons people require physiotherapy include:
  • Illness: After a prolonged illness or after/during a disease that impacts balance, motor skills or mobility.
  • Chronic health condition: Chronic health conditions like diabetes can impact balance and mobility.
  • Following surgery: Moving around after surgery plays a crucial role in the recovery process. Physiotherapy can aid a patient in regaining use of an injured hand, foot, or back, among other body parts, or compensate.
  • Injury: Physiotherapy can frequently help with injuries that leave the patient in many discomforts or unable to move.
  • Aging: People’s bodies change as they age, affecting their ability to move and function. Physiotherapy can teach them how to cope with the loss or assist them in regaining part of that function.
  • Major health crisis:Heart attack, traumatic brain injury, stroke and other medical emergencies can make it very difficult for a person to carry out their normal daily activities. Patients may restore all of that function with the use of physiotherapy.
  • Improved physical performance: To discover techniques for maximizing the body’s performance, athletes or even patients who merely wish to perform better in their fitness endeavours may turn to physiotherapy.
  • General wellness:To combat the consequences of ageing, patients can start physical therapy and learn techniques for maintaining their mobility and flexibility.

Who Does Physiotherapy ?

Your doctor might have suggested you seek a physiotherapist’s help to get back on your feet if you’ve ever encountered an injury or illness that affected your ability to move or do daily duties. A physical therapist, often known as a physiotherapist, works with patients to manage their pain, mobility, motor function, and balance. Most people require a physiotherapist at some point in their lives. Physiotherapists work with people who may have a variety of limitations and conditions. A physiotherapist may have been recommended to you by your doctor in the wake of surgery following a vehicle accident or to treat low back pain.

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Condition Physiotherapist Treat

Our physiotherapists can treat a vast number of conditions and injuries. Some conditions include:

Carpal tunnel syndrome, Low back pain, Back pain, Arthritis, Knee conditions, Joint problems, Foot conditions, Sciatica, etc.


Multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, Neuropathy, Vertigo (feeling off-balanced/dizzy), Stroke, Concussion, Cerebral palsy etc.


Raynaud’s syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Guillain-Barre syndrome, Rheumatoid arthritis etc.

Chronic Conditions

Diabetes, Asthma, High blood pressure, Obesity etc.


Do I require a physician's referral?

No, physiotherapists can diagnose and treat patients without a doctor's referral. You can contact us or see us if you have any questions.

How many therapy sessions are needed?

The number of therapy sessions will vary based on the individual and the situation. You might only require a few visits, or you might need care for several weeks or months. The physiotherapist will talk about their treatment strategy for the recovery process after conducting a comprehensive assessment.

What should I wear to my visit with the physiotherapist?

Wearing comfortable, loose clothing is advised. No matter what happens, we'll continue to do everything we can to make you comfortable.

What is the dysfunction of the pelvic floor?

A condition of the pelvic floor's muscles, nerves, or skeletal structure is called pelvic floor dysfunction. Pelvic floor problem is common. Men, women, and children may experience urinary, bowel, or sexual dysfunction if the pelvic floor muscles are dysfunctional since they surround the urethra, rectum, vagina, and prostate.